New Driving Laws

As of January 01, 2006 every vehicle on the road in Israel must have at least one reflective safety vest as shown in the picture at the right. This is the Israeli government’s latest effort to make driving a safer experience. The vest must be worn any time a passenger is outside a vehicle that has stopped on an inter-city road.

I’m sure some will try to get by without buying a vest, thinking they will probably never stop on the highway – no flats, wrecks or breakdowns allowed. However, it seems the government is one step ahead of that type of thinking: In addition to a functional spare tire, jack and reflective triangle, the new reflector vest is required to pass the yearly auto safety inspection. So, there seems to be no way around it.

Whether it will make a difference in road safety remains to be seen. But it is one part of the government’s growing effort to make the roads safer. And I’m thankful for their effort.

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