Rosebud, TX : Speed Trap!

I’ve got some friends that insist that Texas is ugly. We’ve gone back and forth on that point until I’ve simply given up; an anti-Texas bias (i.e. jealousy) is nearly impossible to overcome. We may not be able to agree that there is some beauty in the Lone Star State, but surely we can agree that Texas is, at least, interesting.

On a recent drive from Victoria to Arlington, we made our way through Rosebud, Texas, which is 38 miles south of Waco on Hwy 77. It’s likely that you haven’t heard of Rosebud (I hadn’t), so I’ll tell you that it has a (2009) population of 1,319 and a median household income of $26,635, and would correctly be considered “country.”

My introduction to Rosebud was a “welcome” sign, placed by a disgruntled member of the community. I had already seen the “60 mph ahead” sign and had started to slow when my attention was grabbed by this: 

Even though I was already at 60 mph, that sign suggested (correctly) that I better slow it way down. So, I pressed the brake until I was creeping along at 30 mph. I finally arrived at the 60 mph sign, then the 45 mph sign, then I spotted him partially hiding behind a tree in a shade darkened alley, pointing a radar gun at me. Even though I was already creeping along at 30 mph in a 45 mph zone, I got a butterfly in my stomach. Probably because I was going so slow. I also had an internal smirk going. Probably because I felt like I beat him at his game – even though it was with the help of an anonymous Good Samaritan.

I immediately suggested that we should go back and get a picture of that warning sign (above), so I pulled into the car wash to make a u-turn and as I turned back to the street, I saw him coming. Not for me, I hoped, as I quickly reached for my camera so that I could take this shot:

A few cars behind me someone didn’t heed the warning,  and they would soon realize the error of their way. After the traffic cleared, I made my way back to the warning sign, giggling all the way.

Thinking there must be an interesting story here, I stopped at a local business and asked about the sign. “Oh, a guy that lives here was always getting a ticket when he came into town, so he posted that sign.” I asked if it was controversial in any way. “No, it’s on private property, so there’s nothing they can do. And there’s one on both ends of town. It’s just part of living here.”

As we continued on through town, and before we reached the southbound sign, this is what we saw:

So, driver beware: There’s a speed trap 38 miles south of Waco on Hwy 77 in Rosebud, Texas. I saw it, but thankfully avoided it. If Texas ain’t pretty, it certainly is interesting.


  1. Ha! I think you’re trying to provoke me by misstating my views. Not *all* of Texas is ugly (just most of it), and to suggest that this is jealousy is blindness of the first order. Keep trying. Maybe if you say it enough, someone else will believe it. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard that if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, it’s the one that was hit that barks. Do you know anything about that? 🙂

    Your views about Texas are fairly widely known and of public record. I’ll leave it at that.

    And I think it’s funny that you are the father of a native Texan. Giddyup, Cowboy! 🙂

  3. @ Craig – how come blogger has no “like” button for snide comebacks 🙂 ?

  4. There are parts of Texas that is beautiful, its the people that make it so ugly. Have you ever seen a beautiful woman with a disgusting attitude? It wrecks her completely. That’s how I feel about Rosebud as I live here. I am not like most that live here however that have been here since the dawn of time so I have no bias but I’ve been here long enough to make an educated guess. lol. I’ve been here for over 3 years now & its funny I’ve never been pulled over but then again I do drive the speed limit. Its the people with the last name that think the law shouldn’t apply to them that get bent when they get a ticket for going 60 in a school zone. The mentality of a lot of people who live here i’d say is between 9-15 years old. But what do you expect when your 60 & still growing pot in your backyard. There are some good people here I will say that. But the bad just ruin it for the rest of it.

    P.S.I was surprised that you didn’t get asked if you wanted to buy crack when you pulled into the car wash.

  5. mama12,

    Thanks for stopping by to offer some clarification. I wonder why you landed and have stayed in Rosebud.

    I wrote about this because it made me smile – a sign on the edge of town warns me of a speed trap and within moments I see the cop hiding in a shaded alley behind a tree pointing a radar gun at me. (And it wasn’t a school zone.)

    “P.S.I was surprised that you didn’t get asked if you wanted to buy crack when you pulled into the car wash”

    NOW it makes sense why that guy who was approaching my window ducked and ran when I raised my camera! 🙂

    Small town Texas is definitely interesting.

  6. Anonymous says

    I landed in Rosebud as a means to an end. Its about the only place on earth you can find cheap enough rent for a family my size. (7) I am getting ready to move finally tho (thank you Lord). I count myself lucky to believe myself out of my element here tho. If I COULD understand half of the things they do around here I think I’d go get my head examined. haha

  7. since I am aware of the speed trap in rosebud, tx I was driving through it at 2:30 in the am i was doing the 60 mph speed and dropped down to 45 then to 30. as i approsed the fourway red stop light (and stopped) I noticed lites from a car pulling out of the little shell station on my right. I went on and as soon as iI got through the lite his lights came on! I was told that I was doing 63 in a 45 mile zone! WHAT? i said I was doing the speed limit all the way into town and I saw you pull out from the station!! The big fat cop said then you can take me to court and fight this ticket!! I SAW HIM PULL OUT OF THE SHELL STATION AT THE CORNER OF THE FOUR WAY STOP RED LIGHT!!!!! IT’S ONE THING TO BE A COP BUT TO BE A DISHONEST ONE IN ROSEBUD TEXAS IS SOMETHING ELSE!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!!

  8. MarieHromcik says

    I am a born Texan and most say after traveling all over the USA Texas is one of the most devirse, beautiful states in the country!! Except for that fat sob cop in Rosebud, Texas!! Cops are not suppose to be liars!! but he is!!!! If I were you traveling I would go out of my way to miss Rosebud ,Texas as this fat Bas—- will pull you over and (he will give you a ticket for what ever!! Speeding or not!!!! Your word against his!!!!!

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