School Days: A Southerner

My daughter wrote the following story for her reading class.

Today is April 15, 1865. My name is Elizabeth Charles. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. It has only been 3 days since the Civil War ended.

While I was reading in my library, I got a telegram from my Aunt. My Aunt Sara lives in Washington D.C. She is so lucky, but this telegram wasn’t of joyous praise to the end of the war. It was actually of pain and sadness. The telegram said, “The President is dead!”

I was so shocked I could barely stand. I quickly went to my neighbors and asked if they had heard the shocking news. They were so shocked the wife passed out. For days we wept and wore black. I asked myself, “Who could do such a thing?”

Then it hit me . . . a Southerner!


  1. Of course! Awesome little bit of writing!

  2. Grandma says

    Love the story. Grace did a great job.

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